Study areas

St George and the Dragon

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language subjects help students to study effectively at university by developing their academic English language. Subjects are available at undergraduate and graduate levels. Emphasis is placed on students' ability to communicate ideas clearly and fluently, using appropriate academic language.

Political Europe

European studies

European studies is an interdisciplinary program that explores the cultures, societies and languages of Europe, broadly defined. In European Studies, students gain insights into the cultures, history and politics of modern Europe and have the opportunity to study one of the five European languages taught in the School.

Château de Chambord, Centre, France (Chambord Castle, Loire Valley)

French studies

The overall objective of the French Studies program is to enable you to develop an ability to communicate effectively in the French language in order to enhance your understanding of the French-speaking world. This abilitiy will be achieved through the study of a variety of aspects of French-speaking cultures including literature, film, theatre, translation, travel writing, food and wine, immigration and identity.

Barbara Kruger. 'Your body is a battleground' (detail). Permission courtesy of Mary Boone Gallery, New York. Image courtesy of the Broad Art Foundation, Santa Monica.

Gender Studies (Interdisciplinary program)

The Gender Studies program at The University of Melbourne offers students the potential to learn about issues such as sexual difference, gender equity, queer politics, and sexuality, from a variety of thought-provoking and provocative perspectives.

Berlin reichstag CPCC BY-SA 3.0 Cezary Piwowarski

German studies

The German studies program provides an intimate study environment with excellent access to talented and enthusiastic teaching staff with wide ranging interests in German language and culture. It has a strong reputation in both teaching and research and has an impressive publishing record over a broad range of topics.

Arno River and Ponte Vecchio, Florence (Gary Ashley CC 2.0)

Italian studies

Italian studies may be taken as part of a major in the Faculty of Arts and can be studied for up to four years (honours) at undergraduate level and then continued at graduate level (coursework and research Masters and PhD). Areas of expertise include Italian cinema, history, linguistics, literature, and issues in teaching and learning.

Priscianus della Robbia OPA Florence

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in the School of Languages and Linguistics has strengths in many significant areas of research. It has an outstanding record in attracting nationally competitive publication and research grants and has established extensive collaborative networks with local and international scholars in the field.

The Church of Archangel Michael in Village Podzhigorodovo (1778-1783)

Russian studies

The Russian program within the School of Languages and Linguistics at The University of Melbourne has a full graduate (MA and PhD) and undergraduate program (Major). Students are able to take a Major in Russian with a combination of Russian language, linguistics and literature subjects, and, in addition, subjects taught in the departments of History and Political Science relating to Russia and Eastern/Central Europe.

Architectural lines of the streets of Málaga, Andalusia, Spain

Spanish and Latin American studies

The Spanish and Latin American studies program at The University of Melbourne offers language options at all levels together with a growing number of cultural studies subjects in areas as diverse as literature (from Don Quixote to contemporary classics), cinema, popular culture, food studies, gender studies, and area studies in both European and Latin American studies.