Qualifications: BA(Hons), MA (Linguistics, LaTrobe University), PhD (University of Melbourne)


I am currently an ARC QE2 Senior Research Fellow in the School of Languages and Linguistics at the University of Melbourne (Australia) where I am CI in the project 'Doing great things with small languages' (with Rachel Nordlinger), exploring how to create better records of languages in the course of language description. I am also:

  • Director of PARADISEC
  • Recipient of a Ludwig Leichhardt-Jubiläumsstipendium from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in November 2012
  • Co-Director of the Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity
  • Chief Investigator in the EthnoER project (presenting media and text online)
  • Editor of the journal Language Documentation & Conservation
  • Secretary of the Australian Linguistic Society.
  • Career highlights

  • Establishing the Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre (Wangka Maya) after community consultations in the mid-late 1980s and working there until the end of 1990
  • Building the Aboriginal Studies Electronic Data Archive (at AIATSIS 1991-1994)
  • Working at the Vanuatu Cutural Centre and building an electronic catalog of the museum collections (1995-1997)
  • Being part of the team that built the Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC) and continuing as its Project Manager, then Director
  • Learning the South Efate language, building a corpus of archived material for the language and writing the first grammar that is embedded in a corpus of field recordings (see links to these on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Efate_language).
  • Building Kaipuleohone, the University of Hawai'i's digital ethnographic archive
  • In 2009 I was the chair of the 1st International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation and was on the organising committee for the 2nd and 3rd International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation
  • Production of EOPAS, a system for presenting interlinear texts and media online

  • I am working with speakers of South Efate to produce a collection of narratives, and with Warnman speakers (Western Australia) on documentation of their language. I am an occasional blogger here: http://www.paradisec.org.au/blog/.

  • See a brief work history
  • See a list of my publications
  • See a list of some training sessions I have run
  • This is a photo of me at a school on Tanna, southern Vanuatu, with the equivalent of a dunce's cap. The sign says "I must not speak language" and refers to not speaking the local indigenous language at school.

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